Markham Direct Cremation Plan
$ 1,478 Complete TAX INCLUDED

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An outline of all services, merchandise, disbursements and HST required for direct cremation without a ceremony.  This plan is available to our client families in Markham and surrounding area and arranged electronically from the comfort of your own home  by telephone and email. At completion 10 proof of death certificates will be mailed to you and the cremated remains can be picked up at Aftercare Toronto, Aftercare Oshawa or St. John's Dixie Crematorium in Mississauga. We guarantee the lowest price in the Markham area without sacrificing dignity or superior service. Please feel free to call our toll free number for immediate service or if you have any questions 1-800-316-3231

Services $ 550.00

  • Documentation ($100) Includes 10 proof of death certificates
  • Transfer deceased from place of death ($350)
  • Facilities to shelter deceased ($50)
  • Transfer deceased to crematorium ($50)  
  • Transfer staff, additional - N/C We do not charge extra when 1 additional staff member is required for transfers from residences, the coroner's office, etc. or evening transfers.


  • Combo Cremation Container $ 100.00 (Manchester # 99-CRE-001)
    Size restrictions may apply - may have to be substituted with an MDF Container

Disbursements - All HST Exempt

  • Coroners Fee $ 75.00 
  • Death Registration Fee $ 55.00 
  • St. John’s Dixie Crematorium $ 614.00

HST $ 84.50

TOTAL $ 1,478.50 


See merchandise section for all items below

  • Urn
  • A different casket

See service descriptions section for all items below

  • Delivery/Obtaining items
  • Estate Documentation Services
  • Mileage charges
  • Pacemaker removal - N/C
  • Refrigerated holding facility
  • Shipping cremated remains
  • Transfer staff, additional - N/C 
  • Website memorial - N/C