Green Initiatives

We take the preservation of our environment very serious.  We are constantly adding new products that offer our clients greener options and we make every effort to use eco-friendly products in our daily activities in order to lessen our environmental impact.


We provide a selection of environmentally friendly caskets and containers. These caskets are made of fast growing species of wood, such as poplar, and feature no metal hardware, pure cotton and wool interiors and all natural finishes with no petrochemical varnishes. We purchase our caskets from local manufacturers in Richmond Hill, Lindsay and St. Catharines, Ontario and in Quebec.We also have a number of biodegradable urns made from gelatin, mulberry tree bark, paper and bamboo. These urns will breakdown naturally allowing a return to nature.Our cardboard cremation container is made from 100% recycled and 85% post consumer fibre.

Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

  • During ceremonies we serve only fair trade, organic or Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and tea
  • Beverages served in 100% biodegradable paper cups
  • All Stationery is FSC Certified and partially made from the byproduct of sugar cane production (no new trees)
  • Energy efficient CFL bulbs
  • Paper products made of the highest recycled and post consumer fibre content
  • All natural organic cleaning agents
  • Computers and all audio video equipment energy star rated